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Proud to Serve You

Que's proudly serves Erie Coffee Roasters.

Partnering with Nate and Lisa in 2019, we

combined our experience and knowledge

of retail and roasting, co-creating our very

own Que's Coffees that we serve every day. We also offer small batch, single origin, light roasts, and award-winning blends. 

The consistency and flavor is what we love about our coffee. Stop in and try it!


Keeping it Local

We value our community! From the drinks we make to the food we serve, everything is from within 40 miles.

Our fresh pastries are delivered every morning by Spruce Confections, 

Le Biche Bakery and Moe's Bagels. We serve Benny's Burritos.    Local purveyors Erie Coffee Roasters, Sherpa Chai and Morning Fresh Dairy supply us to make your exquisite drinks! 

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About Us

Those who know Que’s founder, Rob Quesenberry, know that he’s good at a lot of things – cooking, using emojis, hosting a shindig - but there are two talents that rise to the top: making coffee, and bringing people together. The Que’s shops are a place where his talents and passions shine through. Our big, happy Que's family and our love of the local community is all a part of what makes us the perfect neighborhood hangout. Stop in for a drink, we would love to see you.